Support local to lift us all

Sign the Pledge

Sign the Pledge that says “I’ll keep supporting local.”

The Champion Green Pledge is a way to make good intention a year-round habit. It’s simply adding your voice to the call to help our communities recover.

When you sign, you’re connected to a network of local businesses and their stories – and the monthly email with news and offers you’ll receive is the first step in our Champion Green mission to have us all supporting local for longer.

Our country and communities have endured a huge shock, but if we lift each other, we all will rise.


How it Works

As a Champion Green supporter you are simply promising to continue supporting local whenever possible.

As a Champion Green Business or Organisation or Community Group seeking a sustainable recovery, you also sign up to a promise –  to support local whenever possible, paying forward the benefit you get from Champion Green support.

When you sign as a business you will get full access to the Champion Green toolkit. You can use the toolkit content wherever you do business – online, on social media or in your shop or workplace. As a supporter the first step in our Champion Green mission is to send you news of stories and offers to help you discover more local artists, makers, businesses and organisations more often.

As a supporter I pledge to…

Choose consciously

Who do I support when I buy this?

Try New Finds

The more local makers and businesses I support the better

Tell a friend

A recommendation or referral adds great value to local business

As a business or organisation I pledge to…

Help people choose consciously

Clearly signpost locally designed or made products, and make it easy for people to support them

Partner locally

The more local makers and businesses I partner with the better

Commit to sustainable communities

Champion Green is about a better future for us all

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